Monday, September 5, 2011

Sunrise Photo-shoot!

So I did this photo shoot on Labor dayfrom 6:45-7:55 in the morning. The only reason I did this is because my iPod said the sun would rise at 6:59. It turns out, however, that my iPod did not account for the GIANT mountains in the way, so the sun didn't rise until around 7:30!!! Brutal!!! This is what the sunrise looked like at around 6:50. Yeah, I was up that early. :/

This is mid-way through the sunrise. I was really anxious to get back in bed.

This is actually afterthe sunrise but the cloud was in the way so I guess it was right before.

This is after the sunrise and I had walked back home. I noticed the dew from the night before and snapped some shots.

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